Hello! My name is Joaquin Montada, I'm a professional photographer from Twenty-Nine Palms, California. I'm originally from Miami, Florida and after serving 12 years in the United States Marines I ended up here at Twenty-Nine Palms, California. My family and I decided to stay here because of the friendly community, we loved the way people are here and how everyone knows each other and help each other out.


Photography have always been something I loved doing, as an active duty Marine I took photos as a hobby and just for fun. I also took classes while in the Marines to improve my skills and knowledge on today's digital media and new software. After earning my Associates degree in 2012 I started thinking about my future as a professional photographer. In June of 2012 I was stationed in Twenty-Nine Palms, California and decided to go for my Bacherlor's degree. In October 2014 my wife and I decided to start our own Photography Business, we have not looked back since. My passion for capturing people going thru a special moment in their lives, smiling,  or playing their favorite sport words can't explain. Our goal is to deliver good quality photos, great customer service and to give our customers a memorable experience while their photo shoot.


We want to thank you for taking the time and reading our bio and looking at us to be your photographers, we look forward to working with you and capturing great photos for you.